Coinrule Fundraises $700k to Expand Automated Trading to Tokenised Stocks | Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Coinrule – a hyper-growth, automated trading platform based out of London, UK – is poised for explosive growth in the months ahead, after announcing that its recent investment round on Seedrs secured over 200% of its target, raising $700k, at a valuation of $6m. This funding will allow Coinrule to grow the team, expand into the fast-growing market of tokenised stock trading, and deliver a ‘market leading backtesting tool’, all aimed at furthering their mission of democratizing access to finance.

2020 has been an extraordinary year in crypto, with a torrent of investor cash pouring into the space like the proverbial flood. Through a “beginner-friendly” trading platform that can “catch the next market opportunity on your behalf”, Coinrule[1]’s fast-growing user base has been able profit from the upside gains, while protecting their downside, by automating their trading and investments. Its intuitive interface – which connects to all the popular exchanges – gives users the tools and the flexibility needed to execute any crypto trading strategy, without having to learn a single line of code.

How It Started

Founded by entrepreneurs Oleg Giberstein, Gabriele Musella and Zdenek Hofler, Coinrule has come a long way since the three met at the Masschallenge Accelerator Programme in 2017.

Compared to those early days, the company is almost unrecognizable. The team successfully raised a seed round from the Fintech Lab of prestigious Hungarian Bank MKB, as well as the investment arm of Zilliqa, ZilHive. A group of 13 experienced angel investors – including Robin Bade, former CEO of Mirum WPP, and Stelios Gerogianakis, Lead Engineer at Go Cardless – joined this initial funding round, and were soon followed by a coterie of impressive advisors[2], including none other than Dr Andrea Baronchelli, research fellow at the prestigious UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, John Austin former CSO of IG Index, and Oliver Snoody, former Head of Brand Marketing at Twitter & VP of Marketing at Deliveroo. With such an all-star team, the future looks very bright indeed.

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